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The Duke and Duchess of Queens


Short Film (produced) Based on the feature film screenplay - Written & Directed by Jezabel Montero

SHORT FILM- After a ten year estrangement, childhood sweethearts meet "again" in an emergency room hospital.  As the two adults reminisce about their childhood, they attempt to heal the traumas of their past in order to heal their present and prepare for their future. 


FEATURE FILM - Two children, from different cultural backgrounds, fall in love under the backdrop of turbulent and gritty, 1970’s Queens, New York.  When Delilah's Cuban mother moves the family away to Miami, both James and Delilah find themselves spiraling from the separation.  After four decades of hardship, the childhood sweethearts find their way back to each other, even if who they are now no longer resembles who they once were.    

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