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Jezabel Montero wins top prize at NYWIFT/iWomanTV short film festival 2021 



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Gravitas Ventures has aqcuired Cassanova Was A Woman.  The release date for the film was October 4th, 2016.  Check your OnDemand cable provider and/or your favorite digital platforms to watch the 9 time award winning romantic indie comedy hit!


When I chose CASSANOVA WAS A WOMAN for the Winter 2016 block at NewFilmmakers, I had no idea how momentous that would be, for NFNY and for the film!  All I knew was that Jezabel Montero's performance was a star-turn that I wanted NYC to see.  I'm so proud that we may have helped this film get distribution by making a little bit of NewFilmmakers NY history as our first-ever Audience Award winner, and to get picked up by the same distributor as APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR, a new LGBTQ classic, is beyond exciting news! - Pierre Stefanos (Filmmaker/Festival Programmer)



"In the middle of a snow storm in Kearney Nebraska, I saw a whirlwind of a talent. On screen it was easy to see this multi-dimensional talent at work as a playwright, actor, comedienne, project orchestrator. In the film you could see hints of Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett in short spurts of slapstick, while the basic story line carried through in humor and painful quick-stops. I am surprised she (Jezabel Montero) isn’t a more well known talent....with that energy of a dynamo. It was an extremely enjoyable film, so Vielen Dank!" -Anthanette C. Mendoza (U.N.K. Professor)


“Such great physical comedy, part Lucille Ball, Chevy Chase, Kramer, Charlie Chaplin. Keep an eye out for Jezabel Montero, she's a treat to watch” — Linda Patterson (South Florida Critic)


“I especially applaud the film’s ability to capture a love story with simultaneous humor and poignancy, in a way that even a heterosexist/homophobic viewer might respond with empathy and self identification. The film is so well written acted and directed, that sexual orientation becomes irrelevant as we cheer for these two women...director Kevin Arbouet and writer, Jezabel Montero have made choices that make the film universal and gender irrelevant” — Magdalena Gomez (Point of View Magazine - playwright, poet, journalist)


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